Earth, Our Home, May Soon Have a Universal Identifier

There was a time long back when earth as we knew it didn’t exist. It was a steaming, boiling sphere of molten rock.

Then it slowly cooled down. It rained for ages and the water assimilated. Earth was divided into land and water.

Time passed by. Plants formed. Then the animals began crawling about. Cataclysmic level changes happened and the world as we know it today took shape.

Men divided the lands. Nations emerged. Within them, states; cities and villages began to grow. There are now private and public lands. Even the seas are claimed by nations. There are residential and commercial zones. Pieces of land are owned, bought, sold and leased out.

As time progressed, we got divided more and more.

Now, with the advent of the space age, sooner or later we were bound to unite again. Movies like Independence Day, the Marvel Universe or The Transformers series have shown us what could happen if we were to come in contact with alien races at a global level.

And what better way to unite than under a banner, a flag, if you will.


These days, any space expedition’s craft carries a flag of the country from which they originate. With the newly proposed flag of the earth, that could all change. Since they are representing the planet as a whole, doesn’t it make a better sense to carry a flag of the planet itself?

Just think about it! The planned Mars expedition, maybe an expedition to planets and celestial bodies like Europa, or Io, could solely be conducted under the flag of the earth, and not individual nations.

Artist's Rendition of a planned mission to Mars.
Artist’s Rendition of a planned mission to Mars.

According to the official website, the seven white form a flower – a symbol of the life on Earth. The rings are linked to each other, which represents how everything on our planet, directly or indirectly, is linked. The blue field represents water which is essential for life – also as the oceans cover most of our planet’s surface. The flower’s outer rings form a circle which could be seen as a symbol of Earth as a planet and the blue surface could represent the universe.

According to my own observation, the blue planet is represented on a blue flag, while the seven rings signify the seven continents.

It could not have been more accurate than this.

My only question is, what if some other alien race already has the design and may sue us for copyright infringement in the Universal Court of Law.


Official Website of the International Flag of Planet Earth (http://www.flagofplanetearth.com/)


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