Faith in Humanity, Strengthened…

7 December, 2015

My belief in humanity got a new lease of life today.

The anecdote begins a few weeks prior to this. I have been appearing for some competitive exams for the past few months. Naturally, I’ve been frequently visiting the stationery store to get the print-outs of call letters.

Like any other time, I had taken a copy of a call letter on the USB thumb drive. As luck would have it, it started raining as I was about to get out of the shop, and without bothering to take the USB drive, I sped off towards home.

It was only a couple of weeks later, today, did I realise that the drive was missing. I had searched all the possible places, when I realised where it might be. Without any hope of recovering it, I took the copy of the document I needed, on a spare device, and reached the shop.

Imagine my surprise, when the shopkeeper, seeing me, hurries forward and hands me the very thing I had lost all hope of ever seeing again! He even goes as far as to assure me that he had had it in his pocket ever since day, hoping to return it to me as soon as he finds me. Words weren’t enough to express my gratitude. What’s interesting is that the shopkeeper is Muslim. Why is that relevant?

Just the previous night, I was talking with my mother over the phone. Discussions led to the topic of family, and we recalled that some members of my family are extremely prejudiced against people of other religions and castes. I particularly remember some nasty ones that seem to blame Muslims for converting the kingdom of Gandhar to Kandahar, in present day Afghanistan, or abusing migrants from Bihar for being of lower caste. Some hold the belief that they can never be honest with people who follow a religion other than their own, and will leave no stone unturned to inconvenience others.

Well… here’s an incident that proved it absolutely false.