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Is Life Meaningless Without a God?

As an atheist, you often come across believers of various faiths. Believers, who seem to hold the notion that life, without a god, without a deity to watch over you, is meaningless. Indeed, as a regular contributor on Quora, I have often been asked questions on similar lines which ultimately boil down to the following queries:

  • Without a god to watch over you, how do you live a fulfilling life?
  • How do you deal with the complexities of life without God?
  • As an atheist, what do you have to live for?

What do I have to live for?


Well… not actually everything, but certainly quite a lot.

I have a family to live for. I have a few very special friends to live for. In the face of the eventuality of finding a partner in the near future and sharing my life with her, I have a future to live for.

In order to live a happy, fulfilling life, gods are not all that necessary. True, it IS a big deal for a majority of the population. But for some of us, life, without a presiding deity, is far from meaningless. We are not sacks of meat. We are our own masters. We created our past, we create our future. We are not automatons. We are more than that. Much more than that. We are humans. We are the most advanced species on the planet. We certainly ought to give ourselves a little more credit.

Life, without gods, is far from meaningless.

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