Daily Prompt

Mr. Cranky Pants

It’s that time of the year again.

Summer. Western India. Where average temperatures are in the region of 43-44 °C.

Temperatures like that, more or less, tend to have an effect on the mind. You tend to feel lethargic. You tend to be at the edge of your temper. Temperatures like that will make you have a permanent scowl on your face.

It’s Sunday. You were really looking forward to the date you had set up during the previous minute. She called it off at the last moment without a reason.

The next day, Monday. The bus didn’t arrive on time. So you had to take a cab.

The cab wouldn’t go beyond the main street, and you had to walk for half a kilometre in the sweltering heat.

You reach the office, only to find that the AC isn’t working. You call the service centre but they can’t send anyone until the next day.

You open your inbox, but the one mail you had been expecting,regarding a lucrative deal you had almost closed the previous day, hasn’t arrived yet.

With such a spectacular start, guess what it makes you for the rest of the day.



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